About us!!

our vision

As a weeb myself, I wanted to buy a good T-shirt which was related to my favourite anime ‘One Piece’, i did find one but the prices were so out of this world and when i did buy it, the quality was not even something that i expected it to be at such an exorbitant price. That’s how it all started, I began to work day and night with two of my friends to build a reputable and feel good brand for all of my fellow weeb friends out there.

Well that was the vision on the business end of things, but we also want to do so much more for this fun and loyal fanbase of Anime in India. We want to normalise Anime in India as much as Movies. Now lets be honest, the quality of content in Anime is much much more higher than any other content thats being consumed in our country.

We want to conduct more expos and many more such events, where the Anime Fans can express themselves more with their favourite cosplays and much more.

We want to build a community of Nakamas.

All our products have COD available on shipping, so don't worry and order anything and everything to your hearts content! Also Flat ₹50/- cashback on all prepaid orders!!